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Meadow Lake Lands & People

ᓀᐦᐃᔮᓈᕁ ᐯᔭᑰᐢᑳᐣ Ní tth’iú Dëne

Our Story

We are the people, Cree and Dene, who have shared this land since time immemorial.  We are grateful to the Creator for giving us this land which provides everything we need:  fresh air, pure waters, forest and plants for shelter, food and medicine and animals, birds and fish which give us food, clothing and tools.

Our people live in 9 First Nations communities in locations across this vast territory. We have always survived here by sharing resources and by supporting one another.  In Cree, the word “wichetowin” means to share, to be together, to help each other.  Meadow Lake Tribal Council is a regional organization founded by our communities to help each other.  The Tribal Council provides support services to our communities in the areas of Health, Education, Justice, Technical Assistance, Social Services and Economic Development.  Our business interests include Forestry, Energy, Transportation, and Hospitality and Tourism.

The Cree and the Dene share in the use of the land and the resources of the land.  We are happy to share our beautiful territory and culture with tourists.  Let’s catch a fish together, spot wildlife, see the Northern lights and share some bannock and teachings around the fire. Come and visit us!